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Therapy isn’t only for people with people with psychological disorders. Therapy is an effective way to increase your peace, happiness, or well-being. It is designed to help individuals understand and resolve problems, modify behavior, and make positive changes in their lives.


Life Coaching helps individuals achieve more success in life. It helps them to achieve their goals and accomplish important tasks. As a certified life coach, I’ve been trained to focus on my client’s present and future life, listening and asking the right questions, always believing that only they know what’s best for them on the path to achieving their goals.


Couples therapy is also known as marriage therapy when the two people involved are married. If you have had little success working through relationship issues, if you find yourselves avoiding each other, or using hostile words or actions that cause emotional or physical hurt, couples therapy may help.


Relationship Coaching is the application of coaching to all types of relationships. Relationship coaches are positive, results-oriented professionals who work with their clients to achieve their relationship goals.


A happiness coach teaches you to how focus on the positive. Happiness is a choice that your coach will teach you how to keep making. Working with a happiness coach is a life-changing opportunity to find joy that lasts. 


Telehealth Services

Private | Discreet | Convenient

Telehealth counseling services utilize interactive audio and video technology. Meet with me from the comfort of your home or office using HIPAA compliant software designed to protect your privacy and confidentiality. No additional cost to you. No downloads required.

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